#1 More content OK, this is a bit of an obvious one and something I’ll probably still be saying when there are thousands of different scenes out there already. But I want more content! Right now content is really limited to a handful of examples and most of these are just demos. I want 10, 20 or 30-minute full-blown scenes where I can strap on my headset and kick back and tug my meat over. Which brings me on to my next major want in AR porn… #2 Longer and More Animations Like I say, the demos aren’t cutting it for me. I’d like to see full-length videos and more variations of animations. Apps like Holograms by Naughty America have the biggest library of models and animations to date which currently stands at 13 3D models and a total of around 50 animations. It offers pole dancing, boob shaking and pussy spreading animations, plus a bunch of others. But each of these only lasts for a few seconds so not yet entirely worthy of a good fapping session. #3 Better Visuals for 3D Content Cutting out the bullshit, there are two types of AR porn, pre-recorded 2D videos and digitally…

Before the weekend kicked off, we asked our much-loved Twitter fans which pornstars they most want to see featured in augmented reality porn. It didn’t take long before the comments started coming in. And after checking out the votes, we decided to share the results! Riley Reid Really, where would porn be without the infamous Riley Reid? We were expecting to see her name hit the comments box. And lo and behold, her name was the first to appear! Riley Reid, the wild, free-spirited sex-icon with the trademark Chinese symbols tattoo running along her spine is one of the top-rated pornstars in the industry. She has that alluring kinky look that will make your cum tank explode like the climax of firework night, and that’s before she’s even given you an eye full of her gorgeous tight ass and irresistible teen body. NEIGHBORHOOD SLUT ? https://t.co/dVbsWcvyTx ? pic.twitter.com/Mi8BslpXdZ — Riley Reid (@rileyreidx3) April 16, 2019 Since making her debut into adult film in 2011 at the age of 19, she has quickly risen to become one of the worlds most loved adult stars in both standard 2D porn as well as virtual reality porn. Her seductive charm, inescapable eroticism, and…

Enjoying augmented reality porn has never been easier thanks to cardboard headsets like Aryzon and Holokit. For the consumer on a budget, these are great alternatives when compared to the more pricier devices like Madgaze and Hololens. Both devices generally serve the same purpose, to offer users a taste of augmented reality on a head mounted display without breaking the bank, similarly to how Google Cardboard enables us to experience virtual reality on the cheap using our smartphones. Granted, we will never get quite the same level of immersion using a cardboard device. But at a fraction of the cost, we really can’t knock them. And if your aim is to try AR porn in the most cost-effective way, then I can’t recommend these headsets enough. They’re cheap, simple to use, and most of us already have a mobile phone ready to pop in and press play. Comparing both headsets, looking at price, practicality, usability, comfort, features; and of course, general overall viewing experience, we have put together a guide which can hopefully point you in the right direction for the most immersive cardboard based AR adult experiences Holokit As Holokit was the first cardboard device I ever used to…

A new augmented reality app has just been released which allows users to enjoy 3D AR experiences with a hot blonde Anime character. The app is called Waifu AR and has been developed for Android devices. Waifu AR Version 1.1 The first version of Waifu AR features one Anime girl who you can place in your physical environment. In true AR, you can admire her in 3D, giving you full access to her body in its entirety. For now, she comes with one costume which is a vibrant blue top with a dark grey vest, matched with a pair of black and yellow stripy socks. The creator of WaifuAR says: This is the first release. Please try it out and give us some feedback. If you like the idea of the app, we will create a beautiful stylized anime waifu for you. He goes on to say: With Waifu AR we offer interactive sexual content for mobile AR. Right now, we are working on an animated waifu and in the mean time we use a placeholder waifu. Thanks to the latest technologies, we have been able to develop an exciting adventure for you without AR markers or anything else. As…

In an exclusive discussion with the folks at Virtual Real Porn, the company has revealed to AR Porn Tube that it is embracing augmented reality in addition to its network of successful VR websites. Speaking with the Virtual Real Porn team, here is what they have to say: For the moment, we are focused on our VR productions and VRLove, the videogame. However, we consider AR as a main technology in the future of porn. And sure we start some project, but we cannot give you any date at the moment. The Studio’s Current Sites The company based in Spain was the first studio to develop VR content which can be traced as far back as 2013. This early entry to market gave it a huge lead in the VR space. As a result, the company became one of the biggest and the best in the world, with the largest collection of VR videos to date. Since its birth, the network has since expanded to include a more diverse portfolio of VR porn sites. A long with Virtual Real Porn, the network includes: Virtual Real Amateur, a site dedicated to average looking girls in a home-made setting. Virtual Real Japan,…

It was announced yesterday that the consumer version of nReal’s augmented reality headset device will be launched in early 2020 at a price that slashes those of its counterparts such as Hololens 2 and Magicleap One. Back in January’s Consumer Electronic Show, the Chinese tech firm were able to offer a demo of their device. Nreal Light has a distinct appearance that resembles a typical pair of sunglasses and weighs just 88 grams. It was believed that the device would cost on the region of $999. However, nReal has made a surprise announcement that their consumer edition will go on sale for under 500 bucks, marking a major milestone in the augmented / mixed reality headset market. For the price of $499, consumers can get their hands on the, well, “Consumer Kit”. This consists of the AR headset that connects with USB-C. However, if you want more in depth action with your device, $1,199 will get you the developers kit. This version will be released a couple of months earlier than the Consumer edition and benefits from the addition of a single handheld 3DoF controller and a plug-in processing pack. We can expect this version to become available in September…

A few months ago, Naughty America revealed that they would continue making updates to AR app ‘Holograms’ after gaining popularity with its members. Earlier this week, the company made an announcement saying they are creating their own Snapchat filters which includes some of the 3D pornstars on the site. What’s more, they are teaching their users how to create them at home! So far, the filters feature Vanessa Cage, Whitney Wright, and Emily Addison. Naughty America posted the lenses on the site along with a step by step guide on how to develop your own custom versions with the models. In an interview with Variety, the adult film producers said: “Paying members of the site have access to a handful of additional lenses, as well as holographic source data necessary to make AR filters. We are giving the files away so people can make their own lenses,” In an attempt to keep things squeaky clean for the benefit Snapchat and its users, the company has asked its members to not add a preview image or a nude icon. They also ask that you do not set your lens to be visible to the public, nor use any offensive language that…

The world’s first and only company creating AR porn for HoloLens devices, 3DHoloGirlfriend, has released an Android version of their 3D adult software. This version of the app allows the user to point their camera at a location in front of them and click a spot where they want their girlfriend to appear.  The girl then appears as a hologram in the user’s environment. The user can then interact with their girlfriend using the same patent-pending Artificial Intelligence voice-interaction framework that has been developed for AR headsets such as the Hololens and the Meta2. There is a PG-rated version of the Android app available on the Google Play store. Obviously, this means no nudity. But there is  a more adult-oriented version of the Android app available on  the company’s website. Greg Partin, CEO of 3DHoloGroup says: As we continue to monitor the AR landscape, we have realized not a lot of people have purchased an AR headset yet in the consumer space.  So, let’s bring our app to the device the users do have, their smartphone, while we wait for the consumer AR headset to take shape.  This will allow us to capture a wider userbase, garner valuable user insight…

What Is AR Porn?

'AR', or, augmented reality is a technology that enables people to interact with virtual objects in the real-world environment. You can probably guess, but AR porn serves the same purpose. It means you will enjoy watching life-sized scenes and interacting with some of your most loved pornstars in your bedroom, living room or wherever else you want to watch the action unfold.

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How is this possible you might ask? The way AR porn works is by overlaying a scene or a model on the screen of your smartphone, tablet, or the lenses of a headset device like Microsoft's Hololens. Unlike VR where you are taken to another world to live out your sexual fantasies, with AR, you remain in the real-world and the hologram appears as though it is right there with you. You can choose a hot girl or browse through some augmented reality porn videos and decided on the one you want to watch. Then, just look for a flat surface around you like a floor, bed or table, and position it in your desired location. And presto! Hot life-sized models performing right there in front of you as if they were in the same room.

3D Girl

What Makes Augmented Reality Porn So Great?

One of the key things is that you can stream AR porn videos in 3D. This is something completely different and new to porn which without exaggeration brings an entirely new dimension to adult film.

Let's take a look at virtual reality. It's amazing and there's no doubt about it. But it does restrict you to the structure of the scene and you can't quite enjoy the 3D experience because you are grounded to a specific spot. Sure, you can look around and feel like you're there. But you can't move, reposition yourself and enjoy the show as you please. AR porn, on the other hand, allows you to watch the action unfold from the perspective of your choice. What this means is, if you decide halfway through that you're done seeing her tits bounce and wanna check out her hot ass, you can just walk behind her or turn her around and then you're good to go.

The thing is, AR runs in real-time. So, you don't need to fast-forward, rewind or hit any other buttons to change her position or alter your perspective. You just act as if you would in a real-life scenario. For realistic experiences, augmented reality sex is probably the closest thing to having real sex that there is.

What Can I Expect with AR Porn?

With AR, you can expect to live out your sexual fantasies in the comfort of your own surroundings. You'll enjoy the satisfaction of seeing realistic sexy girls in your bed, on your sofa or wherever else you want them. And you'll know what it's like to have some of your favorite adult stars, whose movies you've watched for years spending time in your home with you. It sounds like a dream but this is quickly becoming a reality.

AR porn may still be in its infancy but there are already a bunch of free apps you can download that offer the pornstar or virtual girlfriend experience. It's very early stages and augmented reality pornography is still finding its feet but technology is advancing in such a way that adult studios and developers are now being able to capitalize and make the AR porn experience possible.

As time goes on, we can expect it to increasingly become better, more realistic and more personalized with all kinds of new and exciting possibilities. Better graphics, rendering, and technologies such as AI and machine learning will become key features that take augmented reality porn to an entirely new level.


This year has been the best year for the development of augmented reality devices so far. The second developer addition of Hololens become available and we're seeing improvements made with cardboard headsets such as Arzyon 2 which offers a way of watching adult AR content using just your smartphone, the same way as Google cardboard offers a cheap alternative for indulging in VR porn with nothing more than your trusty mobile phone.

But if the high quality or HD xxx content is what you want, then you'll be pleased to know that consumer versions of AR head mounted displays are now available for the general public, supported with some augmented reality adult software.

Madgaze is a notable device which recently started shipping its product. Others we can look forward to is Third Eye and the consumer version of Nreal which is due to go up for sale during the first quarter or 2020.

Most of these headsets either already do, or will be supported by various pieces of erotic AR content upon their release. The other major device, Magic Leap One, currently does not allow any kind of porn being run on it. But we're confident that there will be a way around this in time to come.

For now, however, most of the AR porn that currently exists is smartphone-based. Both Android and IOS have had their fair share of demos which continues to grow. It's exciting to see what next year brings us. The global expansion of 5G will certainly help accelerate the growth of augmented reality and we can safely say that 2020 will be the biggest year yet for the industry.

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