Five months since officially launching to the public, 3D Holo Girlfriend remains the leader in the field of AR porn and augmented reality GF experiences . The Florida based start up have recently announced that they now include voice interactions. This offers its members the chance to not only experience their models on a visual level. But also on an emotional and personal level as the software allows the models to become increasingly more interactive.

Users have a variety of commands. You can alter the position of the models. You can put her on her knees, side and back where she can be used as you please. Furthermore, the models are capable of giving blowjobs. Plus the option to ‘talk’ and ‘listen’ which 3D Holo Girlfriend are continuing to develop and improve.

3D Holo Girlfriend To Date

Since booming on to the scene back in March 2018,  3D Holo Girlfriend have increased their selection of models from the original 4, to what now stands at 16. The adult tech company are constantly updating the site with a new model every 10 days. The site aims to offer a variety of ages, ethnicity’s and appearances. Some of the most recent models include 5″5 ebony babe Sasha and 25 year old brunette Christina. Full list of models can be found here.

As 3D Holo Girlfriend continue expanding their selection of girls and software capabilities, they are currently developing AI technology so that the interactions with their girls offer further engagement and immersion. As a result,  conversations will be possible, hand gestures will allow you to touch your girls and they will respond.


Registering with 3D Holo Girlfriend is simple. Users can opt for a free trial which will give unlimited access to model ‘Amy’. For use of all models, users can pay the registration fee monthly at $9.95, or yearly at $99.95.

3D Holo Girlfriend are always open to your suggestions and recommendations on how the platform can be improved. Their suggestion box has served as a powerful tool for it’s members. As a result, recommendations from the sites members led to the first redhead model ‘Rebecca’ to hit the site.

How To Support 3D Holo Girlfriend’s Mission

3D Holo Girlfriend have set up a crowdfunding page on popular site Indiegogo. There, they pledge $50,000 with the aim of developing the ultimate augmented reality girlfriend experience. So, If you believe in the companies vision, your support and donations will be greatly appreciated as the company aim to develop the leading platform for augmented reality porn and custom GF experiences.

Finally, For a cool $1000 contribution, 3D Holo Girlfriend state they’ll develop your very own custom model, with the name of your choice.

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