The Kickstarter campaign for AntVR’s AR glasses ‘MIX’ come to a close this week after a month’s long project. Incredibly, the device managed to secure funding after just 8 hours of being posted on Kickstarter.

MIX, which is set to retail from $649, smashed its original target of $50,000, securing almost 4x the funding of $190,450.

What to Expect with a MIX Device

MIX is small, lightweight and comfortable. Compared to Hololens for example which comes in at a weight of 579g, MIX only weighs 130g. Users can enjoy an immersive 96-degree field of view with a MIX AR headset as well as a 2400 x 1200 resolution, fps of 90hz plus a built in microphone. AntVR state they’re able to develop a larger field of view and slimmer size than competing products because of a dual-channel mixed optics invented by the company.

They go on to say:

Dual-channel mixed optical system has a compound structure with multiple layers. The key component is a set of dual-channel lenses with two different optical channels for enlarging the display light and bypassing the real light, to present AR vision with a large FoV.

Depending on what package you opt for, a MIX headset can include a variety of different features. The full MIX package will include the following.

  • MIX Glasses
  • 3-DoF Controller
  • Hand tracking module
  • Inside-out tracking module
  • Outside-in tracking kit
  • Eye tracking module

AntVR Demonstrating The Inside-out Tracking System For The First Time at AWE 2018

Other Notes

MIX is compatible with SteamVR apps. Users can experience existing games with dark backgrounds. Rather than darkness, users will see their real-world environment. Here lists SteamVR apps and games suitable for MIX.

Last month AntVR uploaded a video showing popular adult game VR Kanojo being played in AR using a MIX device. The company has since removed the video. However, they have submitted a video demonstrating raw footage of an anime girl viewed with a MIX headset.

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