Apple AR Glasses Latest Update

The question still remains as to why Apple hasn’t made a name for itself in the virtual reality market. What is clear is the companies focus on augmented reality. Tim Cook has mentioned on various occasions that he believes AR will change things forever. Last year Apple released Arkit, a framework that allows users to easily create augmented reality apps for iPhone and iPad. Now, new reports taken from Bloomberg announce Apple recently held a meeting with suppliers of the augmented reality components at the CES (consumer electronic show) 2018. Allegedly, both parties met to discuss developing a new pair of AR Glasses.

What To Expect

Despite Apple’s down-swing in smartphone and mac sales, it still remains a leader in technology with the expertise and resources to develop the latest innovations in augmented reality. Apple’s most recent product, the Iphone X, comes with facial recognition and was a big step up from previous mobiles. Smartphones in Apple’s line had become a little predictable but the IphoneX’s capabilities have shown Apple are still front runners in tech innovation.

Apple will create a self contained AR headset without the need of an Iphone. The company will likely name the device Apple Iglass and it won’t come at any surprise to see it’s design to have the sexy, simplistic look that Apple has become so well known for.

How will Apple AR Glasses compare to other giants such as Google, Facebook and Snap’s versions ? In 2012 Apple were granted a patent regarding how the augmented imagery will be displayed to the user. The patent describes the use of side projectors that send images through a special glass and directly in to the user’s pupil. Apple believe this will greatly increases the user’s filed of view and provide the illusion of complete immersion.

When Will Apple’s AR Glasses Be Released ?

It’s no secret that augmented reality is of high interest to Apple. There has been indications for years that Apple are exploring the idea of developing some AR glasses. Now, the gossip is becoming real and plans for an Apple AR headset are moving forward. So when can we expect to see the first Apple AR Glasses prototypes ? 2020. The company will then release the consumer version in 2021.

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