Your Augmented Reality Girlfriend Is Here!

We have mentioned it before when discussing the advantages of AR porn. That is, the incredible augmented reality girlfriend experience that will be offered. Only recently has the idea of having your very own interactive virtual girlfriend that you can download and enjoy intimate pleasures with in the real world been made possible.

Here’s the scenario. You can have your pick from some of the most sexy girls you could desire. Or, even better, you can create your custom girlfriend experience to your own specifications. She is there when you want her and complies with all your needs. On top of that, she doesn’t moan or make a fuss. She lives with you, likes whatever you like and makes awesome company. But, when you’re bored, you can just switch her off. Best of all, she’s always game for sex. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, get ready because your augmented reality girlfriend just arrived.

3D Holo Girlfriend

A brand-new start-up by the name of 3D Holo Girlfriend claim to be “The world’s first augmented reality app that brings your dream girl in to your bedroom”. The site launched in 2017 by parent site 3D Holo Group.

On the website, they state they’ll be capable of making your very own personalised augmented reality girlfriend to your exact specs. The company use the latest holographic technology and say they will make your AR GF fully interactive using nothing more than your voice. 3DHoloGirlfriend explain that as of now, they are only able to develop character models rather than real-life models. They say that the technology isn’t quite there yet to produce the quality users would consider as a good enough standard. However, in the near future, they claim they’ll be capable of developing real-life versions.

There is the option to register on the site. Once registered, you will then be taken to a page displaying a suggestion box. There, users can give feedback based on what they would like to see with their AR girlfriend simulator. They state that they we be driving their content based on user suggestions so it’s worth letting them know what you want to see.

What to Expect

This start-up is brand new. They also launched 3D Holo Boyfriend in an aim to bring custom AR boyfriends to all the lonely women and gays out there. Content is not supported on smartphone. They are tackling the AR glasses and mixed reality headset market. Both Hololens and Meta 2 are compatible as will Magicleap One upon it’s release later in the year.

virtual girlfriend,3dhologirlfriend,ar pornI spoke with 3D Holo Group earlier this week where they revealed they’ll be uploading the first 4 models early March 2018.

Speaking with Greg I asked, how interactive will the models be?

“The initial version will come with 3 animations in 3 positions. You will be able to move the girl around with hand gestures and she will understand your environment so you can put her on your bed, couch, etc. ” Greg explains that they will have voice commands working soon too.

Will there be a mix of ethnicity?

“The first 3 models are 2 different white girls and 1 Asian girl. Model 4 will be black as we look to expand our variety. A Latin girl is also in the mix. We’re also building a feature that will let you pick eye color, hair color, etc.”

How much will my augmented reality girlfriend cost?

“for a limited time, they will be free for Beta version. We are looking for initial Beta testers to help us get better. As for now the site is only has some ads but we’ll charge a monthly fee eventually.”

March 10th update

3DHologirlfriend have uploaded the first selection of models to the site. Amy, Lin and Nicole are awaiting your arrival! They will also be uploading a new model every week with ebony babe ‘Lisa’ next in line.

AR Kanojo

Last week, Japan’s IVR demonstrated their take on augmented reality after unveiling a video for their AR GFE application. The AR Kanojo app puts a virtual Japanese girl in your real-world where you can hang out together. Her name is “Sakura-chan”. She is your 18+ Japanese teen girlfriend. In the video, your Asian GF is seen wearing her school uniform while out enjoying activities with you. The two of you spend some time at the playground, a day at the fair. Not forgetting finishing the day with a couple selfies so you can treasure the memories forever… Yeah, shit gets creepy. Not to mention what an ass you’ll look like interacting in public with her. Probably best to keep her tucked away in the comfort of your own home.

What to Expect

The AR Kanojo app is in currently in development. No mention of how that app will work has been revealed. Or what platform it will be compatible on. Nor have they given an official release date. However, you can have faith that they’ll bring some heat. The virtual reality version “VR Kanojo” had good success so you can give these guys credit that they’re gonna deliver quality content.

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