Enjoying augmented reality porn has never been easier thanks to cardboard headsets like Aryzon and Holokit. For the consumer on a budget, these are great alternatives when compared to the more pricier devices like Madgaze and Hololens. Both devices generally serve the same purpose, to offer users a taste of augmented reality on a head mounted display without breaking the bank, similarly to how Google Cardboard enables us to experience virtual reality on the cheap using our smartphones. Granted, we will never get quite the same level of immersion using a cardboard device. But at a fraction of the cost, we really can’t knock them. And if your aim is to try AR porn in the most cost-effective way, then I can’t recommend these headsets enough. They’re cheap, simple to use, and most of us already have a mobile phone ready to pop in and press play. Comparing both headsets, looking at price, practicality, usability, comfort, features; and of course, general overall viewing experience, we have put together a guide which can hopefully point you in the right direction for the most immersive cardboard based AR adult experiences Holokit As Holokit was the first cardboard device I ever used to…