VR porn streaming site Sex Like Real has done a first for AR adult entertainment by releasing passthrough videos using a full-body chroma suit.

Check out the latest videos below.

On The Double

on the double,passthrough porn,ar porn

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Tired But Tempted

tired but tempted,passthrough porn,ar porn

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Pole Work

pole work,passthrough porn,ar porn

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Shy and Sweet

shy and sweet,passthrough porn,ar porn

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The Timid Affair

the timid affair,passthrough porn,ar porn

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The immersive scenes each feature a male in a full-body grey chroma suit. These videos are different from any AR passthrough videos that existed before because you can completely remove the male from your environment, leaving just the penis visible which you can then position on your own.

This removes the distraction of having to overlay another man’s body over yours. With chroma key, it’s just you and the hot pornstar having sex in your bedroom.

New content added weekly

Currently, Sex Like Real is churning out around 1 alpha passthrough video per week, providing viewers with over 25 scenes and counting.

Below is a video of what you can expect with SLR passthrough

All videos are shot in POV format and you can find a good mix of different pornstars and niches to suit your preference. The majority are one-on-one sex videos but you can also find threesomes as well.

There is also a button on each video where you can request a pornstar you would like to see in their up-and-coming scenes.

To further enhance the experience, SLR has added haptic interactive sex toy scripts to all of its passthrough videos. By simply connecting a sex toy such as The Handy, Kiiroo, Vorze, or Lovense, users can enjoy all the synchronized sensations of fucking the pornstar in real time.

Grey is king

Rather than the typical green screen that’s been used in previous passthrough movies, Sex Like Real’s movies feature a grey background.

The green screen often left a faint hazy green color whereas the grey color has proved to be much more effective when it comes to removing the background. The videos are still shot in a green screen room, but this is removed post-production resulting in a far more convincing and lifelike AR experience.

Sex Like Real has commented stating they can also completely remove the penis in future videos using artificial intelligence. This will allow users to experience visible penetration without having to look at another man’s penis. The company’s AI team is also working on removing both the background and torso to make all the videos passthrough so they will no longer have to be shot in chromakey.

A big hit with PT fans

Since Sex Like Real released its first chroma key scene, the demand for AR passthrough porn has been growing week by week.

Users have flooded the comment section of Sex Like Real’s posts stating that these are the best example of AR porn they have ever seen with each new post seemingly attracting more and more attention. Each scene receives thousands of likes and many are making it to the homepage’s ‘Hot’ and ‘Top’ list, which is an incredible achievement considering the site hosts 26,000 videos or so.

The ever-growing popularity has resulted in Sex Like Real announcing that they will continue to make all their future passthrough videos like this.

Compatible devices

You can watch Sexlikereal’s passthrough AR/VR porn videos using Quest 2, Quest 3, Quest Pro, Pico 4, and Valve Index headsets. You can also watch using your smartphone. For the best experience, we recommend using Quest 3 (stereo color, high quality). Alternatively, you use Quest Pro (stereoscopic color passthrough and the Pico 4 (monoscopic color passthrough). You can also use Quest 2 or Valve Index, although it is monoscopic black and white and the resolution is lower.

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