Sex Like Real has developed a revolutionary new feature that converts its VR porn scenes into AR using artificial intelligence. The company has released several videos and stated that it’s working on making every single one of its VR movies passthrough compatible.

Sex Like Real has essentially pioneered the AR porn industry since 2022. it was back then when it began experimenting with its VR content in an attempt to turn them into passthrough scenes. SLR used the video editing tool ‘Capcut’ and was able to produce reasonable results which led to some of its users imitating the process and uploading VR passthrough porn to Sex Like Real’s website.

Although the results were pretty good, the tool wasn’t a viable solution for Sex Like Real because most of the existing models for segmentation and matting fail with adult videos. The reason is due to the forced removal of porn from the model’s training data. This resulted in Capcut only working for around 60% of scenes and it often tended to remove things like tattoos and certain items of clothing like black lingerie.

It was at that point when SLR decided to pivot and focus on developing its own in-house custom AI-based algorithm specifically for VR porn matting. The company was relatively successful and the results are far superior to that of Capcut. The new algorithm allows users to seamlessly switch between VR and AR at the touch of a button. It also allows its viewers to remove the male talent from the video when viewing in AR. And it does a much better job of effectively removing the background while keeping the model in the scene.

This feature is currently in its beta stage, but if successful it will revolutionize the AR porn industry. Sex Like Real has already been paving the way for AR with its chroma suit videos, but its latest endeavor could change everything. Why would SLR ever need to create a dedicated AR scene when it can just make an AR version of its new VR releases? Not to mention the 500 or so SLR Originals that the company claims it will convert into AR. And if other major VR porn studios do what Sex Like Real is doing, then we could potentially have thousands of AR scenes to play with, plus new releases every week.

SLR has commented stating that they wouldn’t release them all at once, they would release them in batches, so it won’t be an overnight thing. But it’s looking like 2024 is going to be an incredible year for AR porn.

The videos are compatible with all major headsets that enable passthrough.

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