Developers produce augmented reality porn using 3 different methods – green screen, volumetric video, and CGI. Each technique comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Today in this article we’re going to discuss the benefits of each technology and how they are used to create AR porn.

Green screen

Green screen is a method that records scenes in front of a bright green backdrop. This is done using almost any video camera or even a webcam that’s capable of shooting HD-quality video (720p or higher) with a minimum frame rate of 24 frames per second. This is providing that the camera can save files in a format capable of running on your green screen software.

Developers then import the footage onto one of the many specialized AR development platforms where they remove the background and convert it into an AR hologram.

In theory, this means that anybody with a backdrop and some technological know-how can produce AR porn using their smartphone, eliminating the need for any expensive hardware.

Sites like have used this opportunity to create an AR site where models can sign up and shoot AR content at home. My AR Girls is another platform that has taken advantage of green screen technology to create a number of AR porn videos you can stream online.

Producers typically use this bright green color because it’s the furthest color away from the human skin, thus making it easier to remove the background. As AR porn is based on using humans as the subject, it is particularly important that the right color background is used for the most effective results.

Lately, a number of AR porn fans have converted VR porn videos into AR by using Quest 2’s passthrough feature. This involves setting your device’s station boundary setting and selecting a virtual reality porn video with a dark background. The passthrough feature then removes the background, leaving just the performer in view.

The issue with this however is it’s not capable of completely removing the background, not even close. What you are presented with is what I can best describe as an animated rigid cut-out. Body parts consistently disappear and then reappear again with parts of the background flicking in and out of the picture. There’s no escaping the distraction as it’s ongoing for the entire duration of the video.

Popular studio Reality Lovers have recently taken advantage of Quest’s passthrough mode by releasing a bunch of green-screen videos. It just so happens that they have previously produced a number of VR videos in a green room where they changed the background such as the 2017 movie ‘Space Orgasm’ Now, they have released the original recordings where the room remains green so that viewers can use Quest’s passthrough mode to remove the background and view in AR. This produces a far more effective result than simply removing the background of a VR porn video.

Advantages – Green screen video uses real footage of adult performers, thus making it visually appealing.

Volumetric capture

Volumetric capture is a type of media format that captures the likeness of adult stars in 3D. It achieves this within a specialized studio rigged with dozens of depth-sensing cameras that surround and records the model from every angle, capturing her every movement in perfect detail.

Developers then import this data into specialized AR software where computer algorithms stitch the views from these angles together to create a 3D AR hologram of the model.

volumetric capture allows you to view the hologram with six degrees of freedom (6dof). This means you’re not limited to one point of view and you can rotate and walk around the model to view her from any angle you wish.

It captures realistic depth, color, and lighting resulting in realistic holograms that can you can view on mobile and headset devices.

Creating AR porn using volumetric capture is a complicated and costly process that has been utilized by Naughty America. Its AR site, Real Girls Now has used the technology to create dozens of 3D AR porn stars. The software is compatible with Quest 2 and Quest Pro headsets giving viewers a truly authentic first-person point-of-view experience.

Advantages – Uses real adult stars that can be enjoyed with 6dof.


Computer-generated imagery (CGI) creates animated visual content with computer software. Visual effects artists design and animate characters, as opposed to volumetric capture that records a real person. This allows developers to create almost anything the mind can conceive, within the boundaries of the legality of course.

We’re already seeing the possibilities of AR porn created using CGI with various demos. One, for example, allows viewers to position an augmented reality alien girlfriend in their real-world space. Although this example is very niche, CGI can be used in a number of ways to enhance the viewer’s experience such as giving the avatar massive boobs or allowing her to get fucked in ways not possible with other types of AR porn.

Like volumetric capture, you can enjoy CGI with 6dof. You can view the model from the front, back, and side – essentially any angle you choose. If you want to see the avatar getting pounded from behind, simply rotate or stand behind her. Similarly, if you want to see her facial expressions as she moans, just stand in front of her.

CGI is currently the most common type of AR porn because it doesn’t require a large production crew therefore lone visual effects artists can create content without the need for expensive hardware or real models.

Small developers from sites like on have produced AR porn using CGI such as EdenXverse and Augmented Reality Trials. The best CGI augmented reality porn that currently exists is Virtual Sex World by Naughty America. This site offers a generous choice of characters and animations that you can enjoy in your real-world space.

Advantages – Endless possibilities. Great for making AR porn games.

Which one is better?

There isn’t one size fits all with the 3 different ways of making AR porn. Each comes with its own set of advantages. Green screen offers an actual recording of the model, we can expect to see a lot of independent performers using green screen video. Volumetric capture allows for 3D viewing and uses real pornstars, this is best suited to high-production porn companies. And CGI provides endless possibilities, thus making it perfect for small developers and game creators.

At the end of the day, the true augmented reality experience comes from being able to view realistic content in 3D, this is what turns regular porn and even VR porn into something new and truly mind-blowing. For this reason, our vote for which method offers a better experience lies with volumetric video.

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