A small virtual reality porn studio, ‘3DPickup’, has begun experimenting with AR technology as it releases its first dedicated passthrough scenes.

3DPickup launched in 2022 with a clear and simple theme – you pick up hot college-typed girls from various everyday locations, seduce them, and take them back to your place. What makes 3DPickup interesting is that they don’t use male talent in their videos. Rather, they use male sex toy torsos with the torso wrapped in a blanket leaving just the artificial penis exposed.

The studio’s latest scenes, ‘Extra Horny Girlfriend’ and ‘Sneaking to Stepbrother’s Bed’ are dedicated AR videos shot inside a blue screen room. Similarly to their VR videos, an artificial penis is used while the torso is dressed in a matching blue chroma key suit. Although using a fake penis is not the preferred way of watching VR porn, for AR porn it’s not a bad approach. The only part that’s visible in passthrough is the penis so it’s not entirely necessary to bring in male talent for shooting AR. If the absence of a hairy twitching cock isn’t a big deal for you then the artificial penis works pretty well.

For a first attempt, 3DPickup has done a pretty good job. Their videos feature hot young ‘girl next door’ types who provide their viewers with a nice slow sensual fuck. Nothing overly dramatized with terrible acting, just the all-natural hot girlfriend types you wish you could have fucked at college.

One issue I noticed is there’s a small amount of static surrounding the models, even when not viewed in AR. I believe this is likely due to the scenes being filmed in a different colored studio and then edited post-production to feature the blue screen room. Sex Like Real uses a similar approach. Their AR videos are shot in a green screen room and later edited to make them greyscale. Seemingly, 3DPickup is producing its AR scenes in a similar way but hasn’t yet found the best method for removing the static edging quite like SLR has.

That said, it’s not a bad first attempt at all and still very much watchable, it’s just not perfect and could do with some tweaking.

3DPickup’s AR movies are compatible with Quest 2, Quest 3, Quest Pro, Pico 4, and Valve Index headsets. For the best viewing experience, we recommend using a VR video player such as DeoVR.

Check out 3DPickup at sexlikereal.com

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