Enjoying augmented reality porn has never been easier thanks to cardboard headsets like Aryzon and Holokit. For the consumer on a budget, these are great alternatives when compared to the more pricier devices like Madgaze and Hololens.

Both devices generally serve the same purpose, to offer users a taste of augmented reality on a head mounted display without breaking the bank, similarly to how Google Cardboard enables us to experience virtual reality on the cheap using our smartphones.

google cardboard,vr pornGranted, we will never get quite the same level of immersion using a cardboard device. But at a fraction of the cost, we really can’t knock them. And if your aim is to try AR porn in the most cost-effective way, then I can’t recommend these headsets enough. They’re cheap, simple to use, and most of us already have a mobile phone ready to pop in and press play.

Comparing both headsets, looking at price, practicality, usability, comfort, features; and of course, general overall viewing experience, we have put together a guide which can hopefully point you in the right direction for the most immersive cardboard based AR adult experiences


holokit,ar pornAs Holokit was the first cardboard device I ever used to watch AR porn, I decided to review this headset first.

I’ll start with the general overall features. Holokit fits up to 6 inch smartphones which are held in place with small velcro pads. The device is built using mirrors and fresnel lenses which reflects the scene on an angle. This is what enables us to see the scene blended in to the real-world behind it.

To be fair, the build quality is actually pretty good, I’d go as far to say that its better than Google Cardboard. It also features sharp optics, plus a 76 degree diagonal field of view.

Holokit also features TrackKit software to enable tracking, although this isn’t perfect and could do with a lot of tweaking. You have to remain pretty still in order to avoid your voluptuous babe from suddenly disappearing out of sight. Without the use of additional sensors, I suppose this can be expected. As the device uses ARkit and ARcore, there is no need for a marker and you can place your erotic virtual hologram anywhere where there is a flat surface.

blowjob,augmented realityThe main downfall when it comes to viewing AR porn with Holokit is that it’s not hands free, so busting a nut requires a bit more effort than just sitting back and pressing play. You’ll find that your arms are moving up and down like a game of Beat Saber of beginners mode while you’re trying to hold it in place and simultaneously pinch the one-eyed snake. Definitely not ideal!

Another point to consider is that the optics make the visuals slightly dimmer than what they actually are, so having your mobile set to maximum brightness is pretty much essential for the best overall viewing experience.

hot girl,low lightingBesides this, Holokit is a decent little device and only costs $35. It takes around 3 – 5 minutes to put together and offers a great insight in to HMD AR porn. Supported phones for Holokit include:

  • iOS: iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S+, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone X
  • Android: Samsung Galaxy S8, Google Pixel / Google Pixel XL
  • Tango Phone: Asus Zenfone AR


Shortly after the release of Holokit, Aryzon V1 was released. Since then, the second addition has hit the market bringing with it a few extra benefits over the first model. Straight out the box, the improvements are obvious. Firstly, the device arrives already half assembled, so putting the whole thing together is much less of a chore.

Aryzon,unboxingSecondly, this model comes with some spongy cushion for added comfort. This is only a basic piece of foam padding around the edge, but when you’re trying to focus on the sexy girl in front of you putting on a performance, this added comfort goes a long way and you can really enjoy the show without an annoying rigid pieces of cardboard digging in your face.

aryzon,paddingThirdly, your mobile has far more of a snug fit than the previous model. Nothing is more frustrating than watching a kinky scene that’s jittering all over the place.

And finally, the head strap fits much more securely than volume 1. And obviously, this is a huge advantage over Holokit because you are 100% hands-free to stream augmented reality porn without any hassle or interruptions. You’ll appreciate this massively when it comes to firing out a cumshot.

aryzon v2,AR pornComfort aside, the visuals have made a big leap forward as well. Better quality and better tracking stability are both noticeable features. Far from perfect, but definitely moving in the right direction.

Aryzon uses ARkit and ARcore so there’s no need for a marker, although you can choose to use a marker to position the scene on if you wish. Aryzon offers a FOV of 35 x 20 and supports a wide variety of smartphones. A full list of compatible mobiles can be found here.

The cost of the Aryzon headset we are reviewing is 30 euros, but for half of that price the company also offers a basic version called Aryzon Pop Up. This version is less durable than the original and is not hands-free. Other than this the visual quality is still the same.

Aryzon,pop up

The Results are in!

Before we announce the best cardboard device for watching AR porn, it should be noted that there is a third headset, Zapbox. However, as we haven’t yet managed to try out Zapbox, it’s only fair that we exclude it from this list. From what I have seen that stands out with Zapbox is that it’s the only one that comes with a set of cardboard controllers, which is a pretty cool feature and could be useful in time to come, especially for gaming purposes. For now, however the controllers come in no use for augmented reality porn as there currently isn’t any adult software, videos or apps that supports this. You can check out Zapbox here.

ZapboxSo, putting Holokit and Aryzon head to head to see which is better, it’s a clear-cut choice that Aryzon is the best cardboard headset for streaming AR porn. The two devices have often been described as the same device, just upside down as they both use mirrors and lenses to send the virtual objects from the phone to your eyes. But what Aryzon offers that Holokit doesn’t is the addition of added comfort plus an adjustable head-strap making the viewing experience totally hands-free.

Aryzon is also quicker and easier to put together so there’s less time fumbling around when you just want to get straight in to watching some erotic action. The device also supports far more smartphones than Holokit making AR porn accessible to a wider variety of people.

If you’ve been wanting to try augmented reality porn on a cardboard headset, then our advice is to go with Aryzon. And if you want to test it out. then ARConk is a great place to start as the software supports both Aryzon and Holokit.

ARconk,AR ConkCheck out Holokit

Check out Aryzon.

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