Chinese tech giants Huawei have revealed in a recent interview that they are developing some AR glasses which they plan to release within the next two years.  

Huawei already launched a variety of augmented reality apps which you can find on the Huawei’s latest Mate 20 Pro smartphone. The company haven’t revealed much about the AR headset but they have said they’ve been hiring computer vision specialists for its R&D departments for some time. 

Huawei have consistently been at the forefront of technology. The company is involved in laptops, smart speakers, cloud storage, music streaming, video content and are currently developing a foldable 5G phone. The tech juggernauts have managed to stand out from the crowd by giving the buyers what they’ve been asking for. For example, developing more durable phones with longer battery life. Last Summer, they overtook Apple to become the second biggest selling smartphone provider. Huawei say that they’re not stopping there. By 2020, they aim to overtake Samsung becoming the world’s biggest provider of mobile devices.

Pretty impressive for a company that didn’t even have any own-brand smartphones 8 years ago. And why stop there? CEO of Huawei’s consumer business, Richard Yu, believes there is a bright future for augmented reality stating. 

In the beginning you may feel AR is nothing. But in the future, you will see more and more the value of that  

Apple and Facebook have both revealed that AR glasses are in the works while Hololens and Magicleap One have been available for some time. Huawei plan to reveal the headset by 2020, the same year Apple is reportedly to release an AR head-mounted display. Yu said the company will bring more augmented reality experiences to mobile first. Users can therefore become accustomed to it before the company releases the headset.

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