It’s been a long, anticipating wait for Magic Leap One to reveal itself to the public. However, earlier today, the Magic Leap One creator addition was finally made available for sale, putting an end to the question of a release date. Well, sort of.

Where to Buy a Magic Leap One Headset and Its Cost

The mixed reality headset is currently only up for grabs in certain areas of the United States of America (6 cities). The device also comes with a hefty price tag. The cost of a Magic Leap One Creator Edition is Just shy of $2.3k, or $2,295 to be exact.

The Creator Edition isn’t quite a development kit. CEO of Magic Leap, Rony Abovitz, calls it a “full-blown, working consumer-grade product,”. Even though the headset is primarily aimed at application developers. The aim of doing so at this point is so developers can create content for the Magic Leap World store. Which in result, will attract consumers with a library of apps and other content once a cheaper, more affordable consumer version of the Magic Leap One headset is released.

Anybody is eligible to find out if Magic Leap are currently shipping devices to them. Simply head over to the website and enter your zip code. If Magic Leap is operating in the area, the company will deliver the Magic Leap One for free. This will contain advice on how you can set up the device plus fitting instructions. If Magic Leap are not shipping to your selected area at this time, you can sign up for a waitlist. This will inform you when the device will be made available to your selected destination. In addition, buyers of the mixed reality headset can opt for a “professional development package”, at a cost of $495. That includes a system for replacing the device within 24 hours if it breaks. Yes, 1 whole entire day.

What’s Next For Magic Leap One?

Magic Leap has already had billions of dollars invested in the company from juggernauts such as Google and JPMorgan prior to its launch. However, Rony Abovitz, founder of Magic Leap, has stated in an interview that the company is open to raising even more capital as it goes head to head with the likes of Apple and Microsoft. As a result of additional funding, the company aims to target their device on an international scale. As we mentioned previously, the device is currently only available in certain areas of the US. Rony is seeking to change that as the company grows from the heavily backed US based start-up that it is at this time.

Rony AbovitzRony Abovitz states further:

“Now that we have a shipping platform with a developer environment, we can start to link to great software and services that partners like Google make. That could include allowing third-party artificial intelligence services, such as Google Assistant, to connect to Magic Leap’s own onboard AI.”


What Magic Leap One Owners have to say

Lars Bergstorm:

OK, the @magicleap is 10x better than I’d even heard from people on my team who got to try it before! Many of the store apps are great, but I particularly enjoyed how Helios lets you put so much web content on walls and in the room!

Sivan Iram:

Positional tracking is spot on, time warping is good unless you move your head super fast. “Optics are bright, but color breakup is an issue and darkened lenses take away the ability to operate normally when the device is off, meaning you have to take it off. The image is pretty bright and the resolution is very good. Eye tracking works spot on, but it can be user better for UI navigation

Suzanne Borders

I admit, I was a skeptic. But now I’m a convert! @magicleap still has steps to take BUT their product is wayyyy better than expected! RESPECT for solving a TON of usability challenges in AR/VR! So impressed. Not easy problems to solve!

Lucas Rizzotto

#magicleap has a hell of a UI.

No blocky windows, all elements float, are beautiful & feel like they’re part of the world. You can select elements using the trackpad – serviceable, but often not accurate.

Eye-tracking doesn’t seem to be a key part of the UX, which surprised me.

Finally, check Out These videos of Magic Leap One Creator Edition in action. Enjoy!

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