Every now and then we come across an AR porn game that gets us excited. EdenXverse is one of those games. EdenXverse allows users to choose from a generous selection of interactive 3D virtual models and explore their sexual fantasies in their real-world space. The app is currently only available on Android smartphones but the developers have announced big plans to expand into VR and the metaverse in the future.


The thing we love about this game is how quickly you can switch between characters and positions. Just a few taps and you’ve got a new model or a new pose to play with. Some of which include putting her on all fours, jiggling her tits, and getting her in the cowgirl position.

In terms of features, they’re pretty damn sick and probably the most advanced that we’ve seen so far. For example, if you check this video below you’ll see you can actually control a virtual penis and penetrate the model’s pussy. This is something that’s never been done before in AR and you can even choose the penis best suited to yours.

Other features previously unseen in an adult AR game are skin impact waves and a genital wetness system. This means you’ll visibly see their body parts bounce and see your genitals get wet as you slide in and out of her pussy. This is a major step forward for AR porn which really adds to the level of realism and makes everything feel less false and static.

Another nice little touch included in the game is you can choose between playing in first-person male view or third-person female view. So the choice is yours whether you want to whip out your virtual cock and give them a good fuck, or become a female spectator of the show and watch the action unfold. In true AR style, you can rotate the 3D characters as well as walk around them viewing them from the angle of your choosing. Each model is voice-acted so you can enjoy the sensation of hearing them moan while they get banged.

The company puts a massive emphasis on its focus on sexual consent which they’ve highlighted multiple times on its website. This means that all parties must explicitly agree to any sexual activity before it takes place. EdenXverse poses strict rules against non-consensual behavior and harassment and employs a team of moderators to enforce these rules and ensure the safety of all users. I guess their aim is to prevent users from using their software for shady and illegal purposes.

In terms of what the future holds for the game, we can look forward to EdenXverse coming to our virtual reality headsets and the metaverse. The company also states that its aim is to establish partnerships with companies and individuals such as OnlyFans models and influencers. So if all goes to plan, we may just see some of our favorite independent performers included in the game one day.

The Models


Scarlett is a 21-year-old dancer who loves nothing more than showing off her kinky moves. She’s a slim busty blonde with a passion for butt plugs and baking. Not only is she handy in the bedroom but she’ll keep herself busy in the kitchen too. Just don’t ask her to wear anything vintage or to do any twerking because these are 2 of her pet hates. This girl is a big lover of life so she will always be there to keep you entertained.


Hilda is a busty 25-year-old beauty with a passion for writing stories. If you’re looking for a true sexual experience then Hilda is your girl. She loves nothing more than exploring her wild side and pushing the boundaries. To put it bluntly, this chick has no limits and is always open to trying anything new, so it’s up to you to open up new doors for her. One thing she does absolutely love is bondage, so that might be a good way to get things started and then go from there. When Hilda isn’t being fucked she’s always down for a good movie, so finish her off and bust out the Netflix, she will love you for it. Just don’t ask for a handjob because she hates giving them.


Li-mei is the melomaniac of the group. To put it simply, the girl loves music and will party with you until the early hours of the morning. When she’s not partying, she loves a good hard gangbang, so don’t be shy about inviting your friends over, she will show everybody a good time. Her sexy tattooed body is what makes her stand out from the other girls, so if tattoos are your thing then Li-mei is here to make your dreams come true. Just bare in mind that she hates working out and isn’t a fan of nude selfies so don’t suggest she does either if you want to keep her sweet.

You will discover other characters in the game too which you can check out and learn about their interests.

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