Last week, Naughty America made updates to their app ‘Holograms’ which now includes more virtual models, as well as an IOS version. The app, which was released in October, was initially available on Android, Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. This gives users the chance to experience Holograms in both augmented reality, or enter virtual reality and check out the adult stars with a blacked out background. IOS users unfortunately didn’t get to join in on the fun but Naughty America assured that an app was coming soon. On Friday, the company introduced Holograms for IOS which you can download from Naughty America’s main website.


More about the app

Naughty America was keen to get an IOS version released but ran into some minor technical issues early on. The app now gives premium members access to around 50 different erotic Holograms that include popular adult actresses like Misty Stone, Britney Light, Skyla Novea and others showing off some sexy moves. Some positions include being down on all fours, or laying on their back with legs spread wide open. But more interestingly are the sexy pole dance clips where you can watch some of the models putting on a XXX performance.

daisy stone

According to Andreas Hronopoulos, the CEO of Naughty America, creating AR using computer animated graphics isn’t as simple as hoped.

In an interview with VentureBeat, he goes on to say:

We had to pivot, and so we settled on holograms. We did a full turn based on the feedback from partners and customers. We’re moving out of AR and VR and a lot more toward holograms.

Rather than using computer animations, the company now focuses on using volumetric video captures. Combined with plane detection, you can position the pornstars anywhere around you where there’s a flat enough surface. You can adjust the size, rotate, reposition etc and enjoy the show to your choosing.

alexa graceHronopoulos goes on to say:

The content is similar, but the customer wants to look at holograms. It’s a pre-recorded video experience that you can walk around in and experience. We present them in the form of a GIF, or you can view them with a headset.

  • Initially there were no animations and you could only really take selfies
  • The company is working on their VR Holodeck” experience
  • Latest Naughty America VR video: Kendra Lust – A virtual reality experience

Naughty America made an announcement stating that they will be developing more content for Holograms in the future. Hronopoulos states that with the recent interest in the app, it makes sense to create more content.

Who would you like to see in Holograms?
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Please note, for IOS, you need a Littlstar premium subscription.  For other compatible devices, you can download the app free.

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