One of the leaders in the adult AR space, Naughty America, has released a new animated AR demo available to view directly from your smartphone or Ipad.

The animation features a 3D girl in underwear dancing and posing. You can adjust her size, reposition her in different locations around the room and rotate her so you can enjoy the show from the perspective of your choosing. The demo is a modest 15 seconds long, but it replays on a loop so the show never ends.

The software is compatible with iPhone and Android. No download is required and you can watch the show straight from your web browser. Simply follow the instructions below, kick back and you’ll have a hot brunette shaking her big ass in front of you in no time.

How to watch

1. Using a mobile device, click on this page (Use Safari browser with Apple)
2. Press the AR Icon in the corner of the animation
3. Slowly move your device around so it can detect flat surfaces and surrounding objects.
4. The girl will now appear!

Naughty America was one of the first adult studios to release animated AR porn back in 2018 with its 3D app, holograms. Since then, the company has explored using Snapchat filters. In the future, Naughty America state that they may also produce content for AR headsets. This is when the door to truly immersive experiences is open. For now, enjoy the sweet little taster of what’s to come!

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