AR Kanojo


Your Augmented Reality Girlfriend Is Here! We have mentioned it before when discussing the advantages of AR porn. That is, the incredible augmented reality girlfriend experience that will be offered. Only recently has the idea of having your very own interactive virtual girlfriend that you can download and enjoy intimate pleasures with in the real world been made possible. Here’s the scenario. You can have your pick from some of the most sexy girls you could desire. Or, even better, you can create your custom girlfriend experience to your own specifications. She is there when you want her and complies with all your needs. On top of that, she doesn’t moan or make a fuss. She lives with you, likes whatever you like and makes awesome company. But, when you’re bored, you can just switch her off. Best of all, she’s always game for sex. Sounds too good to be true, right? Well, get ready because your augmented reality girlfriend just arrived. 3D Holo Girlfriend A brand-new start-up by the name of 3D Holo Girlfriend claim to be “The world’s first augmented reality app that brings your dream girl in to your bedroom”. The site launched in 2017 by parent…