AR Lenses


A few months ago, Naughty America revealed that they would continue making updates to AR app ‘Holograms’ after gaining popularity with its members. Earlier this week, the company made an announcement saying they are creating their own Snapchat filters which includes some of the 3D pornstars on the site. What’s more, they are teaching their users how to create them at home! So far, the filters feature Vanessa Cage, Whitney Wright and Emily Addison. Naughty America posted the lenses on the site along with a step by step guide on how to develop your own custom versions with the models. In an interview with Variety, the adult film producers said: “Paying members of the site have access to a handful of additional lenses, as well as holographic source data necessary to make AR filters. We are giving the files away so people can make their own lenses,” In attempt to keep things squeaky clean for the benefit Snapchat and its users, the company has asked its members to not add a preview image or a nude icon. They also ask that you do not set your lens to be visible to the public, nor use any offensive language that may…