While augmented reality continues gathering steam. HTC have become the latest major tech company to introduce their approach to the field of AR. Recently, they announced an update made to the Vive Pro model which enables it to function as an AR device.  This announcement comes shortly after Magicleap.inc released the first selection of the company’s much anticipated AR headset. And HoloLens was packed with a bunch of new features. With HTC now jumping on the augmented reality bandwagon, the race for AR dominance is well and truly on. How Does It Work?  HTC has made this possible by incorporating new tools that take advantage of Vive Pro’s two built-in stereo front facing cameras. HTC have also given developers access to the cameras which enables them to create new and exciting experiences. The new update includes VIVE SRWorks SDK which comes with a depth module, see-through module, and a 3D reconstruction module. This enables developers to perform 3D perception, depth sensing, spacial mapping, live interaction and more.   The launch of the first Vive came with a front-facing camera. The idea of being able to switch between reality and virtual reality at the touch of a button seemed cool. However,…