The Kickstarter campaign for AntVR’s AR glasses ‘MIX’ come to a close this week after a month’s long project. Incredibly, the device managed to secure funding after just 8 hours of being posted on Kickstarter. MIX, which is set to retail from $649, smashed its original target of $50,000, securing almost 4x the funding of $190,450. What to Expect with a MIX Device MIX is small, lightweight and comfortable. Compared to Hololens for example which comes in at a weight of 579g, MIX only weighs 130g. Users can enjoy an immersive 96-degree field of view with a MIX AR headset as well as a 2400 x 1200 resolution, fps of 90hz plus a built in microphone. AntVR state they’re able…