Virtual Reality


Everybody remembers sliding on that virtual reality headset and experiencing VR porn for the first time. Like the gates to heaven opening as you try to grasp how amazing and realistic it all is. Knowing at that very moment. Porn as you know had just been reborn and adult entertainment would never be the same again. What makes VR porn so great is it offered things that didn’t exist in pornography. It brought Immersion, intimacy and the chance to get up close with the hottest pornstars in the industry. Riley Reid, Blondie Fesser, Gina Gerson and hundreds of other top adult stars.  VR takes users to another place where they can become fully immersed in a sexual fantasy. With augmented reality porn just around the corner. One must ask, how will AR porn compare to VR porn? And which will be better? Before we dive in and have a look, let’s first establish what each one is. Difference Between AR Porn and VR Porn Although the two technologies are interconnected. The differences between virtual reality porn and augmented reality porn are worlds apart. VR porn is an artificial environment. A place where you can become submerged in fantasy, cut off from the…