A new augmented reality app has just been released which allows users to enjoy 3D AR experiences with a hot blonde Anime character. The app is called Waifu AR and has been developed for Android devices. Waifu AR Version 1.1 The first version of Waifu AR features one Anime girl who you can place in your physical environment. In true AR, you can admire her in 3D, giving you full access to her body in its entirety. For now, she comes with one costume which is a vibrant blue top with a dark grey vest, matched with a pair of black and yellow stripy socks. The creator of WaifuAR says: This is the first release. Please try it out and give us some feedback. If you like the idea of the app, we will create a beautiful stylized anime waifu for you. He goes on to say: With Waifu AR we offer interactive sexual content for mobile AR. Right now, we are working on an animated waifu and in the mean time we use a placeholder waifu. Thanks to the latest technologies, we have been able to develop an exciting adventure for you without AR markers or anything else. As…