The popular VR porn studio VRBangers has released its first dedicated passthrough scene. The 46-minute video features the stunning Serena Hill and is shot in top-quality 8K, offering a truly immersive AR experience. A rep at VRBangers has also commented that more is yet to come!

It doesn’t come as any surprise that VRB has jumped on the AR wave, and actually, it’s not the first time it has done so. The company was one of the first to begin experimenting with AR technology in 2018 with the release of the ARConk app. The app featured a 3D girl named Nicole which VRBangers created using volumetric video. The company discontinued ARConk soon after launch and went back to focus on its virtual reality content.

VRB’s latest approach to AR takes advantage of the exciting passthrough feature included in the latest VR headsets such as Quest 3. Passthrough mode allows users to seemingly switch between VR and AR, allowing them to enjoy life-sized virtual reality style porn in their real-world space. This has become the staple for AR porn production as of late with sites like Sex Like Real and CzechAR taking a similar approach.

VRBangers AR video features the hot tight brunette Serena Hill. In this scene, it’s your birthday and Serena is your girlfriend. She wants to give you a very special present and what better gift is there than to suck and fuck you until she drains every drop of your cum tank? There’s no better gift in life and she gladly takes care of your needs.

Once she’s done, she has an extra little something for you. She invites her friend over for a naughty little threesome. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait until VRB’s next release to experience this. But I can give you a little spoiler, her friend is the gorgeous blonde teen Alicia Williams!

It’ll be exciting to see where VRBangers goes with its AR porn content next. The company has consistently been one of the top-rated and most innovative in its field since it launched in 2016 with multiple awards to its name. It runs multiple sites in its network and has even developed its own VR video player which it claims to be one of the most advanced players in existence.

VRBangers AR content is compatible with Quest, Valve Index, and Pico 4 headsets. Joining will give users access to the entire website’s library which includes over 960 VR videos featuring over 460 models.


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