Introducing ARConk, a hot new AR porn app with free demo.

You may have heard of virtual reality porn studio ‘VRConk’. It’s a great VR porn site, not as popular as giants like and, but an incredible platform nonetheless. appeared with a bunch of VR videos in April this year. The adult VR website offers a small selection of amateur Eastern European girls in a variety of scenes. Those include 5K solo, POV and threesome scenes with pornstars such as Fantasia and Miss K. It’s owned by the same guys who own popular VR tube site

With the recent acceleration in augmented reality technology, the adult film company have begun dipping their toes in the AR porn space by developing a free to download app. The ARConk app is available to download here

The ARConk App

ARConk state their application will mix the 3D video with the 3D sexy model of the same girl. In the 3D video, users will see the girl sitting in an armchair, like the VR video, except that everything is happening in front of you. The model is sitting in front of you as if she was really there. You’ll be capable of moving her head and stepping in closer to see her for all her glory. If you go into “Model 3D” mode, you’ll be able to check her out from all possible points of view and even ask her to pose or dance.

In addition, state they’ll also be including ‘sexy coaches’ for those interested in learning yoga and other physical exercises. Meaning, a gorgeous, interactive 3D hologram will be at your demand, wherever and whenever you please. She’ll be right by your side, making sure you keep fit and stimulated.
ARConk,Sexy Coach,Augmented Reality YogaFinally, you’ll be able to increase your Instagram photo count by adding selfies of you and your sexy hologram posing for the camera.

How to watch

The application can be used in AD version on the screen of the smartphone or tablet. Or, in 3D version on an AR headset like Holokit, with a total immersion into the world of augmented reality.

AR headsets

Holokit, the precursor to the low-cost AR headset market, manufactures a helmet based on the old cardboard headsets. It will soon have greater competition from more comfortable wearing solutions, and also prices will increasingly become more affordable. ARConk are working on the adaptation of their application on all types of AR headphones and smartphones.

Bluetooth Mini Controller

Bluetooth remote control is essential if we use an AR headset. It allows users to choose a position in the menu and place the sexy hologram in space, without removing the smartphone from the AR headset.

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