Described as ‘the most immersive sex simulator on the web’, allows you to stream AR porn directly from your web browser using your Meta Quest 2 or Quest Pro headset. Users can enjoy a generous helping of different sex and solo scenes from some seriously tasty 3D girls. You don’t need a smartphone for this AR experience, simply don your goggles and watch the action unfold right in front of you, totally hands-free! was created by adult content creators Naughty America. The site allows you to filter the selection of performances by category to help find what you’re looking for. Those of which include Asian, big tits, blonde, and Milf, to name a few.

Each animation runs on a loop, meaning you will watch as if you are watching one long sex scene. Nothing is more off-putting than a scene that jitters every time it restarts. With Virtual Sex World you need not worry as the scene will play continuously without any interference as though you are watching it in real life.

Although watching AR porn with a VR headset has been possible for some time with the help of AR passthrough porn, Virtual Sex World is one of the only experiences with dedicated AR software designed to run on your VR / mixed reality headset. The examples we have seen before allow you to take VR porn videos and darken the background. This leaves you with a very glitchy 2D cutout of the performer. What is offering is a truly 3D AR experience that can be seamlessly positioned in your real-world space and viewed from any angle using your headset.

For the best experience, we recommend using a Quest headset, but if you don’t have one yet then the software is also available on both Android and IOS smartphones.

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