Statistics taken from Sensor Tower show the rate of augmented reality apps being downloaded on Apple’s AR platform ARKit is on the rise. Since September 2017, ARKit apps have received a reported 13 millions+ downloads from the 2000 that are readily available today. The increase in developers is also on the rise as the benefits of using ARKit as a platform for developing AR apps are clear. What makes the platform perfect for AR app developers is it comes with many of the required feature that meet the criteria. Motion tracking, plane detection and light estimation. These features are essential in creating realistic AR experiences that can seemingly blend in with the real world.

Most Downloaded ARKit Apps

AR games holds the top spot with almost half of the entire ARKit only apps being gaming experiences. Or, 47% to be exact. The other 53% percent generally account for entertainment, lifestyle and educational apps. ARKit has so far seen just one AR porn app created on the platform.

The image shows the rate of downloads in the last 6 months.arkit apps,paid,free,downloadedAR Dragon holds the top spot in the free AR apps section, closely followed by Ikea Place and Zombie GunShip Revenant. While the top three paid apps are CamToPlan Pro, Monster Park and The Machines.

ARKit is compatible on any model of Apple phone from the iPhone 6s onwards. Other smartphone companies will begin using the latest IOS in their mobile devices. As a result. More people will become familiar with the platform and the apps being developed and downloaded will continue to rise. Deloitte predicts that by the end of 2018. 800 million smartphones will have both an AR-friendly OS and powerful hardware needed to run augmented reality. The company also predicts that more than a billion users globally will have created AR content at least once throughout the year.


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