Sex doll manufacturers Abyss Creations, the same guys behind popular site RealDoll. Launched robotic sex company RealBotix to bring the next generation of love doll to the world. Artificially intelligent robotic heads that attach to the owner’s choice of silicon body.

The company had also designed an application which allows its users to customize features from her appearance to her personality traits. They have since announced they’ll be introducing both VR and AR experiences in the app where users can create and interact with their own custom virtual companions.

Harmony AI

The app, named Harmony AI, is powered by AI software and comes with a variety of features. The application has been in development for the past decade with the goal of creating innovative and exciting experiences for its users. Harmony AI includes multiple avatars that can be customized to you specifications. Face, hair and body shape will all be customizable.

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Users will have a selection of different outfits and even a choice of different voices and accents. Harmony AI will also allow its users to select a personality trait. Up to 10 different characteristics are on offer which affect the way the avatar behaves while making the experience personal to its user.

Realbotix have designed the app to identify with its users’ interests and preferences. The company claim their software to be highly customizable, with thousands of possible combinations of looks, clothes, personalities and voices. As a result, users can create the perfect companion. Furthermore, they state that the more you interact with her, the friendlier she becomes.

This is what Realbotix have to say:

The AI is versatile with conversational topics and designed to hold long-term persistent conversations with users and learns over time. She is a true and loyal companion and you can feel free to talk to her whenever you like. She will always be there to listen to you!

The Harmony AI app is available for download on the site but not yet for VR or AR. We’ll keep our eyes peels and keep you updated.

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